ProPlanr Graduates From Founder Institute

ProPlanr Graduates From Founder Institute

ProPlanr is proud to announce the completion of the Founder Institute program in Sacramento California. Last month January 2018, ProPlanr was one of seven companies to graduate from the four-month long accelerator. Over two hundred companies applied and twenty-two were accepted into the rigorous and intense program.

The Founder Institute is an incubator headquartered in Silicon Valley with over sixty chapters all over the world. We celebrated with our fellow seven final cohorts, directors, co-directors, mentors, friends and family.

CEO & Co-founder, Brenda Tello Horton (center bottom row) with fellow cohorts, mentors, and directors.

One of the most frequently asked question we received while at Founder Institute was; “How is ProPlanr different from all the other task management tools out there and how does it actually improve the lives of your customers?”

We’ve given this question a lot of thought and want to share our answer with you here in this blog post.

Every organization needs to plan, right? Unless, of course they want to wing it or shoot from the hip, which is a recipe for frustration and failure. “I just want to waste a lot of time, money, and resources,” said no one ever.

Think of a plan as a roadmap or blueprint for getting things done in the most efficient way.

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? Or, go on a long road trip without a GPS. So, when thinking about the results or outcome you want – whether it be in your personal life or business, it is best to have a plan to guide your decisions and priorities.

Below is a small list of sample titled plans and tasks for any business or organization:

  • marketing – review ad campaign for product launch
  • hiring – document skill set needed for ideal IT candidate
  • exit strategy – conduct nationwide search to replace V.P. of marketing
  • event – call on prospective sponsors
  • sales – follow up with leads from marketing campaign
  • technology – implement new protocols for IT department
  • strategic – schedule board retreat meeting
  • diversity & inclusion – hire a D&I facilitator for company training
  • on boarding – identify key metrics for a successful on boarding experience for new members/customers

Not every intended outcome (goal) needs a plan and not every plan needs a task assigned to it.

Depending on the goal, plans can range from extremely complex to the very simple. For example, building a bridge requires a heavy construction planning and project management system with gantt charts, scheduling feature and detailed tasks. But, a checklist of grocery items does not.

So, what differentiates ProPlanr from other task management systems? The integration of plans and tasks in one centralized place. 

Many plans are usually built in a Word or Google document, which then require uploading (inefficient and a waste of time) into a completely different system (task management tool) to be implemented. This is a fragmented workflow and quite frankly, it is old school and that is painful. Hey, nothing wrong with old school when it comes to some things like vinyl records or vintage cars.

But, using multiple systems to get things done is unproductive and a waste of time. This kills profitability and unprofitable companies tend to go out of business – pronto.

Introducing ProPlanr, a much simpler way to get work done.

By integrating plans with tasks in one centralized place, ProPlanr eliminates the hassle of using multiple systems in your workflow.

Below are sample titled plans that some of our beta testers have built with ProPlanr:

  • family vacations
  • event celebrations
  • selling a house
  • training programs
  • standard operating procedures
  • fundraisers
  • client projects
  • consulting projects
  • creative projects
  • graduation plans
  • startup plans
  • palliative care

You can start using Proplanr today for free while it is in public beta (individual version). Even better, we’d love to give you a one-on-one demo and show you how it can help you achieve your goals in business and life. Stop wasting so much time using fragmented systems that leave you feeling frustrated and uninspired and go to ProPlanr today and organize your business and life!

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