Welcome to ProPlanr’s Blog

Welcome to ProPlanr’s Blog

Welcome to ProPlanr’s Blog.

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ProPlanr Launches At SxSW 2017

ProPlanr Launches At SxSW 2017

It’s alive!

After 18 months in development, we are proud to announce the release of ProPlanr, a planning and collaboration task management software system for teams. ProPlanr organizes all your plans, projects, and tasks in one simple system. And it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

ProPlanr was launched at South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas in March 2017. As an alternate to the Release It Pitch Contest at SxSWi, we were thrilled to showcase ProPlanr to the SxSWi audience.

While ProPlanr made its debut last Spring with the release of the individual version, we have continued work hard behind the scenes to bring you the team version later this year in 2017.

Request a demo today and let us know what you think.



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