ProPlanr Joins Founder Institute

ProPlanr Joins Founder Institute

As we enter the final quarter of 2017, we thought it would be a good time to share an update on ProPlanr.

2017 Has Been A Big Year For ProPlanr

We launched ProPlanr into public beta (the individual version) at South by Southwest Conference in Austin Texas at the Release It Pitch contest.

I represented ProPlanr as a speaker at several female-centric tech conferences where I met some amazing women doing extraordinary work in technology!

Pictured: Left is Valerie Sindal, Chief Strategist & Business Development Director at Wonder Women Tech Foundation. Middle is ProPlanr co-founder, Brenda Tello Horton. Right is Lisa Mae Brunson, founder of Wonder Women Tech Foundation.

ProPlanr Joins Founder Institute

Most exciting of all – I was granted a fellowship on behalf of ProPlanr to the 2017 Founder Institute Sacramento Cohort!

What does that actually mean?

It means that as a co-founder of ProPlanr, I am immersed in a four month long incubator for tech startups from September through December 2017.

Founder Institute is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has sixty chapters all over the world. It is a world renown accelerator for entrepreneurs who are working on a startup. The program is known for launching companies like Udemy (the popular online education site).

Meeting my fellow cohorts, directors, and mentors at Founder Institute for the first time.

I made the decision to accept the Fellowship to Founder Institute for several reasons:

  1. It has a stellar reputation for helping entrepreneurs launch their companies.
  2. Working on a software startup can get lonely at times. Working together with fellow cohorts takes care of that problem. It truly is an honor to be working side by side with other innovators and creators.
  3. It’s not everyday a global organization with massive resources offers you a Fellowship to participate in their program – and the timing was perfect given where we are in the development of ProPlanr.

So where are we exactly with ProPlanr? As of this writing, we are in public beta (individual version). Our goal is to release the team version by the first quarter of 2018.

Our Decision To Build ProPlanr

As business planning consultants and strategists, we are passionate about helping teams achieve their goals. However, we kept running into the same problem each time we worked with our consulting clients – there were no simple, yet powerful collaboration planning and task management tools to build and implement plans. Whether it was a strategic plan for a non-profit or an annual business plan or marketing for a small business, we kept experiencing the same problems – fragmented and disorganized workflows between plans and tasks.

In addition, documents would get misplaced by a team member or worse – lost. Can you see how this kills productivity? But the biggest problem was that there were no elegant and simple systems that streamlined a cohesive workflow between plans and tasks.

It was frustrating!

After many years of struggling with this problem, we decided to build a better solution. Enter ProPlanr idea – a platform to help teams organize all their plans and tasks in one system. Fast-forward to today, we are focused on making the process of planning and implementing those plans easy for everyone with ProPlanr. 

One thing I know for certain is that no startup or company is successful without the input and feedback of customers – and that’s where you come in. With your help, we are more likely to succeed. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

So, here’s how you can help. Sign up today for a one-on-one demo of ProPlanr. We will soon follow up with you to schedule the demo. We’d love your feedback. Your input is critical to the success of ProPlanr.

We look forward to hearing from you!

7 Reasons To Plan In Your Business

7 Reasons To Plan In Your Business

Planning is one of the most critical functions of your business.

It entails setting specific organizational goals and establishing the most practical means to achieve those goals. In the absence of planning, all the activities of a business are meaningless.

Without a plan, your organization has no sense of direction, no metric to measure success, and no timeline to achieve goals.

Planning is essential to the success of your company. Due to uncertainties and a constantly changing business environment, planning helps you be proactive rather than reactive in your business.

Planning provides a compass for your company’s objectives. It’s an important process that guides a business’s day-to-day decisions, facilitates task management, evaluates progress and changing approaches when moving forward.

Here are 7 reasons why planning is important to your business.

1. Increases efficiency

All organizations, large and small, have limited resources. Planning ensures all the available resources within a business are optimally utilized. This reduces waste of resources and also avoids their duplication or redundancy. Planning aims at giving the highest returns at the lowest possible cost. Productivity is maximized and resources are not wasted on projects with little chances of success. This increases overall efficiency of an organization.

2. Brings an integrated approach

Planning brings together various departments of an organization. Traditionally, each department will make plans to fit their specific needs within the same organization. The problem is that most plans are built in silos within different departments and lack an integrated and fluid approach to decision-making. ProPlanr offers a holistic approach which ensures unity through collaboration, transparency through sharing, and efficient work-flow through an organized platform.

3. Plays a critical role in decision making

A good plan clearly details various activities and objectives of a business and gives a timeframe within which they should be achieved. A good plan makes clear what the future holds for an organization and its ultimate goals. The ultimate goal of an organization is reached through planning. Planning makes the process of decision making easy and more to the point.

4. Reduces risks of uncertainty

Managing risk is essential to an organization’s success. The future of a business in today’s economic and competitive environment is quite uncertain. Unfavorable unforeseen events must be tackled quickly to avoid negative financial consequences from such events becoming severe. Planning encourages the development of “what-if” scenarios to allow leaders and key stakeholders to envision possible risk factors and come up with counteractive contingency plans. With planning, possible future changes are anticipated and various strategies are planned such that the risk of future uncertainties is minimized.

5. Enhances flexibility

This is especially important for a newly formed organization. Planning gives startups the flexibility to adjust their objectives if any unseen events happen.

6. Provides team building and direction

A plan provides context and a reference point for the team members who are implementing the plan. When team members understand why they are working on a project, it empowers them to do their best work. A good plan defines the tasks and objectives of an organization in simple and clear words. This gives all team members direction and motivation towards executing the plan through task management. In addition, it fosters team building and cooperation among various departments of an organization. When a plan is developed and communicated to the members, every person gets a good understanding of their responsibilities, and how they should cooperate with other areas of the organization in order to complete the assigned tasks. This facilitates proper work-flow.

7. Better position for success

Developing a plan is a huge step towards achieving success. Planning will drive your brand or product to better success and a better position in the market. With proper planning, any of your goals can have more chances of success because it provides a roadmap or a blueprint to getting things done.

The importance of planning in your business cannot be over-emphasized. Be it starting a small business, managing a department within a large organization, or working in a startup , planning is the most fundamental tool you can use to achieve success.

Overall, planning is crucial to an organization as it ensures efficient work-flow, productive use of time, and prepares the organization for a desired outcome.

ProPlanr Launches At SxSW 2017

ProPlanr Launches At SxSW 2017

It’s alive!

After 18 months in development, we are proud to announce the release of ProPlanr, a planning and collaboration task management software system for teams. ProPlanr organizes all your plans, projects, and tasks in one simple system. And it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

ProPlanr was launched at South by Southwest conference in Austin Texas in March 2017. As an alternate to the Release It Pitch Contest at SxSWi, we were thrilled to showcase ProPlanr to the SxSWi audience.

While ProPlanr made its debut last Spring with the release of the individual version, we have continued work hard behind the scenes to bring you the team version later this year in 2017.

Request a demo today and let us know what you think.



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