A Planning and Collaboration Task Management Software System For Teams

Your Vision Starts With A Plan

Every vision that’s worth pursuing deserves a plan.  A plan provides a roadmap to help acheive the results you want. Taking action on projects or tasks without a plan is like building a house without a blueprint. ProPlanr is the platform you can rely on to help you turn your vision into reality.

Plans Are Living Breathing Documents

In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to let your plans go stagnate. Plans must be integrated with your projects and tasks in a seamless manner. No need to upload or share documents because ProPlanr organizes all your plans, projects, and tasks all in one system – and it’s easily accessible anytime, on any device, by anyone on your team.

Collaborate In Real Time

Transparent teams make better and faster decisions. With ProPlanr, plans are easily accessible for referencing and giving context to your projects and tasks. Good-bye to working in silos. ProPlanr gives you and your team the power and ease to move and adapt quickly in an ever-changing business environment with real time collaboration.

A Hybrid Model

ProPlanr is a hybrid model that bridges your plans, projects, and task all in one simple system. We’ve merged the best of two productivity worlds – planning and task management. We built ProPlanr for teams who want to get things done without the hassle and confusion of bloated features. It’s a simple and elegant solution to getting things done.

Our Story

There are a lot of productivity, planning, project and task management apps to choose from. At the end of the day, we all just want to get things done and move on to the next item so that we can achieve our goals, objectives, and outcomes.

The problem is that the way planning and task management is done today is broken and outdated.That’s why we built ProPlanr – with the latest leading edge technologies.

When we are required to upload our planning documents into a task management system, that’s a broken workflow. When your team is constantly losing, misplacing, or worse – not even referencing or sharing your planning documents because no one really knows where they are or where to look, that’s a break down in efficiency and productivity.

Frustrated with the lack of simple and elegant planning and task management tools, we decided to build our own – ProPlanr. Having worked with thousands of documents and hundreds of teams, projects, and tasks, we knew there had to be a better way to achieve outcomes and get the results we were looking for.

As business and technology consultants, we’ve worked with many productivity applications and nothing seemed to meet our needs or the needs of our consulting clients. That’s why ProPlanr was created.

It’s extremely difficult to build simple and elegant software solutions that meet the needs of modern businesses, but we did it with ProPlanr.

We hope you think so too.

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Brenda Tello Horton

Brenda Tello Horton

Co-founder and Chief Evangelist

As the chief evangelist and co-founder, Brenda never misses an opportunity to offer ProPlanr demos. Request a demo from Brenda right here. 

Chuck Horton

Chuck Horton

Co-founder and Chief Technologist

Chuck has built 25 software applications in 18 different programming languages. You can learn more about Chuck and his technological expertise at GitHub. 

Your Name

Your Name

Developer and Growth Hacker

Be the next talent to join the ProPlanr team. If you love to flex your creative muscles, then send your resume to We are building our team with developers (Web components, Polymer, and full stack) and growth hackers.

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